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Beyond logic
"Believe in yourself" - Celebrity psychic Sunita Menon

In this segment, CAFÉ CELEB LIVE brings you clairvoyants, healers, tarot card readers, psychics, astrologers, palmists, handwriting analysts, face readers, footprint readers (yes, believe it or not), coffee readers, and tea-leaf readers.

We talk about spiritualism, the supernatural, cosmic energy, numerology, the Aura, Reiki, Silva Method… the list goes Beyond Logic!
We meet the most sought after psychic Sunita Menon.

Clairvoyant, healer, tarot  card reader, counsellor, psychic, guide, philosopher and mentor. But above all, she is a friend to all.  She uses the insight and abilities she’s developed to help her clients lead more fulfilling lives, with more personal understanding and foresight. Your future is your own to shape and mould, as you desire. We all have the magical gift of being psychics but how many of us have the power of concentration to develop it?

 ”Right since the age of 14, I have had what they call the black tongue. People used to laugh at me. I had an uncle who was a practising astrologer. I used to sit with him. He taught me a lot about patience. He taught me a lot about kundli and astrology. It is a south Indian system. I learnt it but never really thought I would use it! I always treated it more as a hobby and was always very hush about it!” says Sunita.

Women were not really encouraged to take up astrology. They were expected to study, take up a normal job and just get on with life. This was 15-20 years ago but she took it very seriously.

“I constantly had visions and especially vibes and I picked it up so fast that it’s unbelievable! I used to be a very quiet and introverted child because I used to pick up on so many things and I did not know what to do with that! As a child I used to think that there was something wrong with me. I used to keep wondering, why do I feel these things? Why do I feel so strongly?

Everybody feels, but the feelings that I used to get in terms of dreams and visions used to trouble me a lot! I was not a very happy child. I could not talk about it or people would think I was just a crazy child with a fertile imagination! Today I can say this but when I was young, I was not ready to deal with any of it. It was very traumatic. At 21 I met my mentor. She initiated me to tarot and all of that. I came back to India, in around ’97-’98 and started what I do now. When I started I thought I would do it only for a very few close people, and friends, but that didn’t happen and things just expanded out of hand.

“Today when I look back in retrospect, I have cut down on 70 percent of it. I now only work 30 percent of what I used to work two years ago. This work drains you of all your energy and you can’t really help everyone! I don’t want to and neither do I want to make that effort so that I can go out and claim that I help everyone! You help a few people because you connect with them! I also feel that in this kind of work, the power is so deep and the connection so strong, that it is almost defined by other influences.”

People open themselves up to her and make themselves vulnerable to her and she feels almost protective about them. But it drains her.

“I have also seen what success does to people. When they are successful, they will probably start teaching you astrology! I have a lot of people like that. I also have successful people who are more than grateful. They never forget and say, ‘Look we still want you as part of our lives; not in terms of predictions but as a friend, as someone who we trust!’ It’s not only about predictions! People think that every time my friends meet me, there are some heavy-duty predictions going on here, with the whole life span being discussed! That’s ridiculous! Sometimes people come here because they just need a sounding board and just want to talk! They just need to open up because they have nowhere else to go! No one realizes that all the connection is about talking!”

Each one of us has a way or method of deriving strength whether from an object or another person. You just have to connect with something. The ironical part is that in India, we have an overdose of astrology, pundits, mythology and vastu. And we just club all these together under one category without understanding or deciphering what we are going in for.

“There is so much of spiritual shopping going on!” says Sunita. “People have even forgotten what they are looking for. What I have found in these eight years is that there are people who are very sure of what they are looking for. They do not depend on me and this is not to defend myself. They have moved away from me in terms of predictions, but they still bond with me as human beings. They truly come to me just to say –‘Hey, how are you doing? Want to chat?’ They just want to keep me abreast with what is happening in their lives! They don’t come to me asking – should I do this or should I not? They just want me to be in the knowing. That is the kind of relationship that I like to have!  People misunderstand, calling it dependency! It is not dependency! You do go to a friend, don’t you? I sit in the office all day long because this is my place of work, but it is a social place also! So people come over here to say ‘Hi’ to me. So people automatically assume that coming to my office means that they want a reading. People forget that I am a human being!”

She finds that the levels of stress that we have in Mumbai, is mind blowing! Everything is a quick fix. People are not ready to listen about meditation or wanting to go deeper within them. They just want a yes or no answer. If everything could be fixed then nobody would have problems, right?

“The destiny is yours. I’m the catalyst, I trigger something. I just tell you that this is the path that you can take. But it is your destiny. Whatever is going to happen will happen! The problem is you. You have not dealt with the problem correctly! What were you looking for when you come to a person like me? And what emotion is that based on? Curiosity? Experiment?  Seeking a connection? Guidance? A kind of reconfirmation of what you already know?”

But it’s reconfirmation that most of the people are looking for. As we said, we all have the magical gift of being psychics but how many of us have the power of concentration to develop it?